Dr. Kathie Allen Holds Town Hall for Millennials in Provo - Dr. Kathie Allen for Utah Senate Dr. Kathie Allen Holds Town Hall for Millennials in Provo - Dr. Kathie Allen for Utah Senate

Dr. Kathie Allen Holds Town Hall for Millennials in Provo


October 11, 2017—Provo, Utah—Last night at the Provo Library, Dr. Kathie Allen hosted a special town hall focused on Millennials and issues of importance to that generation. The guest speaker of the evening was Adrian Lefler, partner in My Social Practice and producer of the Utah indie film Unicorn City. He spoke about how hard it was for him when starting a business to afford to offer the health care benefits he feels all employees deserve, and advocated a single-payer system as a way to relieve this burden on small businesses.

Dr. Kathie Allen agreed with this assessment in her own remarks, noting that such relief for small businesses could do more to stimulate the economy than the corporate tax cuts currently being considered by the Trump administration. She then told the Millennials in the audience that their generation became the most numerous in the nation this summer, and that if they would own their voting power, they could change the outcome of this special election and elections nationwide. She then fielded questions from the audience. 

A BYU student asks a question during the town hall.
Dr. Kathie Allen answers a question asked by an attendee.
Attendees asked questions regarding health care, livable wages, and even topics such as infrastructure investment and the solvency of Social Security. When asked how to broach sensitive topics with family members, Dr. Allen related an experience she had in Carbon County, Utah, where she met a supporter whose family had been involved in coal mining for several generations. “He said, ‘My grandfather was a coal miner, my father was a coal miner, and I’m a coal miner.’ It’s in their DNA.” She added that by listening, she came to better appreciate coal mining culture and was able to begin a conversation from that point of understanding. She encouraged her listeners to do the same.

Dr. Allen’s next town hall will take place in Salt Lake County on the morning of Friday, October 13, and will focus on the health care needs of senior citizens.

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