Letters to the Editor: Allen Better Choice - Dr. Kathie Allen for Utah Senate Letters to the Editor: Allen Better Choice - Dr. Kathie Allen for Utah Senate

Letters to the Editor: Allen Better Choice

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Kathie Allen . . . was clear and concise. She understands the reality of climate change and its scientific underpinnings. She also said that “Donald Trump needs to be stood up to.”

Curtis, on the other hand, is supportive of Trump, though only 38 percent of our citizens support the president. Many feel that Trump is decimating all that makes us proud to be American.

Curtis also, to be cute perhaps, proudly read his fifth-grade teacher’s report card, “Can’t play or work well with others.” Although he got some laughs, this is problematic for me for two reasons. Interviews of those who knew Donald Trump in elementary school stated that he really hasn’t changed. Secondly, with divisiveness being so extreme between the parties, we need someone who has the natural traits of cooperation and who works well with others.

Although your endorsement was the weakest I have ever seen, “and at the least, he’s better than Chaffetz,” I encourage voters to look to Allen, who would be better than Chaffetz and Curtis.

Elise Lazar, Salt Lake City

November 3, 2017:

It’s a shame that The Tribune has chosen to endorse John Curtis in the contest for the 3rd Congressional District seat over Kathie Allen. By doing so The Tribune gives support to the arrogant, self-serving views of our Republican phalanx who lock-step together in supporting the regressive policies of the current administration.


By choosing to support the establishment, The Tribune has doomed Utah to a continuation of backward-looking representation. Supporting Allen would have been a much better choice. What a shame.

Mary Johnson

November 4, 2017:

I am a constituent of the 3rd Congressional District and I’m not happy with what is happening in the U.S. Congress. It was long believed that if the Republicans could just get control of the House, the Senate and the White House, all would be wonderful. Well that has happened and it is not wonderful.

Legislation passed by this Congress is practically nonexistent. The attempt to “repeal and replace” the ACA failed because the changes proposed were wildly unpopular with you and me, the ordinary voter. Both the proposed budget and the tax reform plan are weighted heavily in favor of the wealthy and cut social programs. Each admittedly dramatically increases the national debt, which somehow now doesn’t bother the historically fiscally conservative Republicans.

We have a chance on Nov. 7 to take an affirmative step to change things. . . Vote for Dr. Kathie Allen on Nov. 7 and change the dynamic.

Barbara W. Richmond