Final Letters to the Tribune & Herald Editors Endorse Dr. Kathie! - Dr. Kathie Allen for Utah Senate Final Letters to the Tribune & Herald Editors Endorse Dr. Kathie! - Dr. Kathie Allen for Utah Senate

Final Letters to the Tribune & Herald Editors Endorse Dr. Kathie!

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

John Curtis’s recent op-ed promised to reveal where he stands on President Trump. Instead, he showed the same amoral politics of convenience that the current members of our congressional delegation share. Curtis did not articulate one direct, clear criticism of Trump.

Identifying and consistently criticizing the president’s faults doesn’t require adopting the president’s “tone.” It requires a forthrightness that Curtis apparently lacks. It is not enough for Curtis to declare that he “will not support” destructive policies and appalling behavior. His op-ed proves he lacks the courage to name and fight the malignancies that are damaging our nation.


Except for a handful who aren’t seeking re-election and one who is battling a deadly disease, Republicans in Congress have been distressingly silent or weak in response to a president who embodies incivility in politics and government. Curtis’s op-ed shows he, too, would pretend nothing is seriously wrong with this presidency and would thus aid and abet the mounting lies, incompetencies and outrageous affronts to our Constitution and to human decency. He promises no more.


This independent will vote for Kathie Allen.

Chris Fassler, Draper

And also:

By endorsing John Curtis for State Senate, The Salt Lake Tribune has become the next enabler of the most inept, disruptive, vulgar and inappropriate person to have ever held the office of the presidency of the United States.

John Curtis is running on a platform that endorses Trump’s “economic policies” and remains silent, as do the rest of our congressional representatives, about the appalling behavior exhibited by the man who holds the presidency.

Trump has never articulated a policy about anything. He merely seeks revenge toward our previous president because of some perceived slight.


Follow the money, including The Tribune’s, and vote for the person who will actually act on policies you want.

Janelle Heck, Millcreek

And finally:

Congress’ decisions about health care, military, taxation, immigration, and even infrastructure of roads and bridges can have life-and-death consequences. We need less political savvy and more human wisdom in our representative.

Education, training and daily work experience greatly prepare a physician for these weighty decisions. We don’t want someone whose bravado makes them too quick to decide, nor someone who fearfully delays until all possible data is in.

We want one who sifts through the available evidence to arrive at a firm but preliminary decision and has enough courage and humility to change that decision when more data are uncovered. Doctors must make life-and-death decisions before all the data are in, but willingly change course when needed.


We voters now have an opportunity. Lives are at stake. We don’t need another politician. We need a doctor in the House. Please vote responsibly.

William E. Cosgrove, M.D., Cottonwood Heights

From Provo’s Daily Herald

John Curtis: “3rd Congressional District residents need substance, not sound bites” (Oct. 30)

This says nothing. It gives no specifics. No substance. And, disappointingly, you have seemed far to eager to engage in sound-bite campaigning yourself. I helped you win the primary but have been very disappointed in your campaign since then. I was hopeful that we would be able to send a moderate, responsible voice to Washington but have little confidence that you will be willing to depart from the party-line–which has moved way too far to the right and doesn’t represent the real interests of Utah 3rd district voters (or anyone in America for that matter, aside from big money and corporations). —Rebecca de Schweinitz

Shame on John Curtis. This looks on the surface like John is trying to have his cake and eat it too by being wishy-washy about Trump without fully embracing or denouncing him. But it is actually far more insidious. He is making it as clear as possible and as explicit as possible that he is completely indifferent to Trump. He views him as an empty placeholder. —Brad Kramer