Daniel Friend, Author at Dr. Kathie Allen for Utah Senate Daniel Friend, Author at Dr. Kathie Allen for Utah Senate

Author: Daniel Friend

Final Letters to the Tribune & Herald Editors Endorse Dr. Kathie!

From the Salt Lake Tribune: John Curtis’s recent op-ed promised to reveal where he stands on President Trump. Instead, he showed the same amoral politics of convenience that the current members of our congressional delegation share. Curtis did not articulate one direct, clear criticism of Trump. Identifying and consistently criticizing the president’s faults doesn’t require adopting the…

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Utah Policy: Democrat Kathie Allen outraised, outspent Republican John Curtis

Utah Policy highlights the difference in funding between Dr. Kathie Allen’s campaign and Mayor John Curtis’s: Democrat Kathie Allen so far has raised, and spent, more than Republican John Curtis on the eve of the 3rd District special election. Pre-election disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commision found Allen raised $829,586 through mid-October and spent $805,129. Curtis…

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Kathie Allen: Eliminating the Dept. of Education doesn’t add up

Dr. Kathie Allen’s latest op-ed has been published in the Deseret News: Do we need a Department of Education? I consulted their website and found this mission statement: “ED’s mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.” “Fostering educational excellence” means ensuring equal educational quality…

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Deseret News: Kathie Allen finds balance in Utah, boldness for congressional run

The woman who was too shy to speak up for a job she wanted in Washington decades ago decided to make her own bid for State Senate earlier this year, even before then-Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced he was leaving office before his term ended. “I was appalled by the election of Donald Trump. I was…

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Dr. Kathie Allen Responds to GOP Tax Plan in Salt Lake Tribune

From the Salt Lake Tribune: With Utah’s congressional special election only days away to replace former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the candidates for the 3rd District seat disagreed about the new legislation and its impacts on Utah. Democrat Kathie Allen noted the bill would add more than $1 trillion to the national debt in the next decade and…

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BYU’s Daily Universe Candidate Profile: Dr. Kathie Allen

BYU’s Daily Universe has published its profiles of the major candidates in the Third Congressional District’s race. From their piece on Dr. Allen: “One of the reasons that I chose to run for office is because I wanted to stand up to the Trump administration and I don’t see any of the other candidates willing to…

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Letters to the Editor: Allen Better Choice

From the Salt Lake Tribune: Kathie Allen . . . was clear and concise. She understands the reality of climate change and its scientific underpinnings. She also said that “Donald Trump needs to be stood up to.” Curtis, on the other hand, is supportive of Trump, though only 38 percent of our citizens support the president….

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Kathie Allen: No, John Curtis, Utah does not want the ‘Trump agenda’

Utahns know that an immoral leader makes immoral policies. Kathie’s latest op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune: In our first official debate together, my Republican opponent, John Curtis, said something that should be startling: “I think Utah wants the Trump agenda.” Really, John? Utah, which usually votes 60 to 70 percent Republican, only gave Donald Trump…

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Kathie Allen: No, Mayor Curtis, the free market will not fix healthcare

Provo’s Daily Herald has just published Dr. Kathie Allen’s latest op-ed, in which she tells the health care stories of three Utahns and how universal health care coverage would help them. She also shows how their problems were caused by profit-seeking, not government regulation, as her opponents claim. You can read the full article here.

Daily Herald Discusses CD-3 Candidates

From Provo’s Daily Herald: As the Daily Herald Editorial Board met with Democratic candidate Kathie Allen, United Utah Party candidate Jim Bennett and Republican nominee John Curtis, it has been clear that the various parties have put up smart, qualified candidates that can actually compete against each other this season. We find that refreshing as…

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