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Climate Change & Science

The Truth, Facts, and Science

We must honor the truth. We cannot make good policy unless we base our understanding firmly upon verifiable facts. Facts are reality, and we ignore them at our peril. A lie does not become true just because it gets repeated over and over again. I am appalled at how false news sources have penetrated our society through the internet. Misleading memes and badly sourced “news” articles are lies attempting to manipulate the vulnerable. These fake stories have weakened the civility of discourse in our society. Everyone has a responsibility to check the facts before sharing and reject unreliable news sources.

Science is the best process human beings have found for discovering the truth. The new technologies science brings us can be used either to help or harm mankind. But the truth itself has no agenda. I am appalled at the lack of respect for science that the Trump administration has shown. We need to use the facts we’ve learned from science to make effective policy.

As a family doctor, I’ve learned over the years that complex health problems require complex treatments. The same is true of public policy. We can no longer afford to deceive ourselves by thinking that complex issues can be solved with simple fixes. It’s simply not true. In our real world, complex problems need innovative, detailed solutions.

Climate Change

Climate change is real. As stewards of our planet, need to recognize this fact and combat climate change aggressively.  A carbon tax may be the best solution for our free-market system. 

Dirty air has dire health consequences, especially for our children. Our families deserve clean air to breathe. The fact that air quality in Salt Lake and Utah counties can be worse than Los Angeles should concern us all.