Voting Rights - Dr. Kathie Allen for Utah Senate Voting Rights - Dr. Kathie Allen for Utah Senate

Voting Rights


Gerrymandering in politics is like a botched surgery in medicine—it may well kill the people you’re trying to save. Too many of our legislative districts—including District Three—are specifically designed to disenfranchise a political party, a race, or some other group. This is cheating.

A democracy cannot function without checks and balances, as our founding fathers knew well. A one-party system with no opposing voice creates a ripe environment for tyranny and loss of our constitutional freedoms.

After working on this issue for many months, I am convinced that there are fair ways for districts to be drawn. I am hopeful that the Supreme Court will understand that the end result of gerrymandering is extreme partisanship and the disenfranchisement of more moderate voices. I hope that it will rule against the State of Wisconsin after it hears the case this October.

Voter Suppression

Attempts to suppress voters by removing them selectively from voter rolls must be stopped. I oppose any voting rule designed to discriminate against minorities.