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Politics Within Reason

Dr. Kathie Allen was a special guest of the Politics Within Reason podcast.

Listen HERE.

Beg to Differ

Dr. Kathie Allen shares her personal experience with Nancy Pelosi and answers other questions on the “Beg to Differ” podcast by KSL and Utah Policy. Interview begins at 18:00 and ends at 35:00.

Money Making Sense

Dr. Kathie Allen joined Republican Utah State Senator Dr. Brian Shiozawa to record a “Fixing Health Care” series of podcasts for KSL’s People’s Choice Award-nominated show, Money Making Sense with Heather Kelly.  With permission from the show, we are embedding those episodes here for your listening pleasure. They’re a great chance to hear Dr. Allen speak about specific problems in health care—and their solutions.

Episode 1: This is what you don’t know about pre-existing conditions

Episode 2: Insurance, not your doctor, decides what your visit will cost

Episode 3: Here’s how Obamacare repeal will affect your family

Episode 4: Uninsured! Are you working too many jobs?

Episode 5: Your lifesaving medication costs increased 500 percent


Latter-day Left

On July 5, Dr. Kathie sat down with the Latter-day Left podcast and talked about a whole range of issues: